To protect our environment both globally and locally by honouring our planet through the responsible use of natural resources for a sustainable lifestyle.

Head of House: David Brinson 
House Captain: Paula Nipper
Vice Captains: Lucian Prieto Sanchez, Linus Frisch

House Charity / Organization:  Bund (Friends of the Earth Germany)


Link to charity:


Rationale behind choice of charity:

(from house captains): Because we want to protect the environment, we have chosen Bund as the charity we want to support. Bund is a charity, which works to preserve nature and protect the environment.  Since their foundation, they have already planted bushes, hedges and trees, created ponds, have taken care of protected areas and fought for the preservation of valuable and important areas.  We, as a member of this charity, would like to plant trees and help the environment.  We are honored to be part of this charity.


Current House / TG action: 

Grade 7 and 8 students are working to place a plant in every secondary classroom.  The pots for the plants will be created from a large recycled water / soda bottle and will be self-watering, ensuring plants will survive periods of time when students / staff are away from school on holidays.  Plants are to come from leaves that will be placed in water to root and then planted in potting soil, once all the pots are made and ready.  We hope to have some plants in place by December.


Upcoming actions: 

  • Fundraising (bake-sale, for example) to help raise funds for the membership to our charity.

  • Tree-planting in Berlin: students will join forces with others to help plant trees around Berlin, where several projects already exist. 

  • Volunteering through our charity