"Die kleinsten Flammen können das größte Feuer entfachen"  Fire House seeks to make a positive change in the world by raising students’ awareness of the many problems that face our society today. We aim to do this by building an inclusive community through the development of shared values and attitudes that will encourage students to achieve greater degrees of personal responsibility, purpose and engagement. Encouraging students to use their unique talents, knowledge and skills at a local and international levels to help affect the change they wish to see in the world.

Head of House: Leigh-Anne Robinson 
House Captain: Marko Wojtkowiak
Vice Captains: Sebastiaan Biessen, Sachi Patil

House Charity / Organization: Refugee Groups in Berlin

Links to charities we will support:










https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HdzF4j01lrif-XtmQLTwznnQrAlfoBc-JxccyP7NAmU/pubhtml? gid=672621891&single=true


Rationale behind choice of charity:

As the needs of the various Refugee groups in Berlin changes frequently throughout the year Fire House has decided to adopt several refugee organisations in the local community to make the greatest impact and be able to coordinate our efforts where they are needed most. Over the course of the year we will raise funds, donate goods and organise a House Action where we volunteer our time to assist the Refugee organisations within the Fire House Umbrella.


Current House / TG action: 

December 5 - 8:

Fire House Tutor Groups 1-4 will be hosting a break time “Tea Time Fundraising Bake Sale”


Upcoming actions:  

Winter/ Spring: Fire House will be organising a “spread the warmth” clothing drive.

Spring/ Summer: Firehouse will organise an opportunity for students to volunteer their time at one of the local charities in sorting clothing, organising donations and spending time with refugee children groups.