School Captain:

   Elfi Wallisser

"Welcome to the Secondary School House page. We are extremely proud of our house system at BMS. Every student is a member of one of our four houses: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The house system is a very important part of building our community and a sense of belonging for every student. Through our house actions and projects, it is also a way for us to make positive contributions at both a local and global level." 

House Points





We all breathe the same air. Our responsibility is to build a caring and open-minded community through teamwork and communication. Respect and equality is what we want to achieve.

Air House Captains:

House Captain: 

Olivia Kassaei

Vice Captains: 

Ornella Kassaei

Felix Bhattacharya

To protect our environment both globally and locally by honouring our planet through the responsible use of natural resources for a sustainable lifestyle.

House Captain: 

Lion Beck

Vice Captains: 

Jeanne Felkay

Jermaine Bauer

"Die kleinsten Flammen können das größte Feuer entfachen"  Fire House seeks to make a positive change in the world by raising students’ awareness of the many problems that face our society today. We aim to do this by building an inclusive community through the development of shared values and attitudes that will encourage students to achieve greater degrees of personal responsibility, purpose and engagement. Encouraging students to use their unique talents, knowledge and skills at a local and international levels to help affect the change they wish to see in the world.

Fire House Captains:

House Captain: 

Chaewon Lee

Vice Captains: 

Eugen Teuscher

Marko Wojtkowia

Water House aims to build a generous community that encourages proactive and ambitious engagement with the world and promotes an empathetic approach towards those less fortunate than us.

Water House Captains:

House Captain: 

Hannah Ruhl

Vice Captains: 

Emilia Chammas

Maya Mufson


October 13, 2016

Captains' Assembly

Our new Captains will host their first assembly.

November 02, 2016

Diwali Celebrations

Hindu festival of lights.

November 03, 2016

Water House One Assembly

Water House Assembly led by Mrs Saunders and Tutor Group One.

November 09, 2016

Earth House Competition

More information to follow.

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