Berlin Model United Nations: BMS students debate global themes

Two 12th grade delegates successfully completed the 25th Berlin Model United Nations this month, discussing and strategizing global themes and possible resolutions. The Model United Nations is a unique opportunity for students to participate as if they were delegates at a UN conference. Hundreds of teenagers gathered in Berlin no November 16th-18th to discuss the theme of “Ending Human Suffering: Reassessing the United Nations´ Role in a Globalized World”. Josephine Grohmann and Maria Budig both participated as BMS Delegates in the committee focused on spotlighting logistical and economic solutions to end human suffering. Labor conditions, refugee integration, and forced labor were all items on the agenda and in keeping with tradition, the committee debated these items at length before proposing a resolution. Well done to our students and a special thank you to Ms. Malinowski for supporting our students!