Having a 'can do' mindset

This year, I was very fortunate to be able to say a few words at the IGCSE awards ceremony, where we received our official certificates from Cambridge. This was a great opportunity for me because it meant that on behalf of all of the Grade 11 students, I was able to thank all of the wonderful teachers that helped us through this challenging course. Without their help and constant guidance, we could not have achieved the results that we have. Our current IGCSE students are probably wondering why they are doing this to themselves. I thought a lot about how to answer this, because truly, there are countless things the course has taught us. I tried to summarize this into one word: growth. As a community, we grew stronger together, going through the same difficult challenge. We grew stronger as individuals, learning more about our skills, values and priorities, but most importantly, become more aware of the world around us. Lastly, we grew as students, with the IGCSE being a perfect preparation for the IB. We have (hopefully) learned how to organize and prepare for exams, but simultaneously keep schoolwork in balance with our social life. Of course, we only realize all of this looking back, and these things always seem clearer in hindsight. Another thing that we, the Grade 11s, wish we would have known earlier, is that really, despite hard work and dedication, there is one thing you need to pass the course. And that is attitude. If you go into an exam thinking: "hey, I can do this! I studied and learning can actually be fun", you will be far more likely to succeed than if you complain constantly about your difficult life. It's like the saying “fake it until you make it”. If you keep motivating yourself, you will adopt that mindset as a standard. Trust me, I have been through it and this definitely makes all the difference. To conclude, we hope the future graduates will look back in the same thankful, reflective way and we wish them good luck on their path!

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