What a reaction! A week in Science

Students in Science have been busy this week experimenting and asking questions. Grade 8 have been learning about different metals and how they react with cold and hot water, acids and oxygen. By observing qualitative changes and measuring quantitative data, students are able to learn more about metals as well as honing their important scientific skills. They will need this as they begin their next unit looking at chemical reaction kinetics and running experiments to investigate the factors that affect the rate of reactions

In Grade 12 our IB Physics Higher Level students took part in a practical activity to investigate circular motion. By spinning a rubber bung around and measuring its period of revolution, the students were able to use their calculations to deduce the mass of the rubber bung. “The students did really well” commented their teacher, Maria Tsikkinis. “Their comparisons of calculated and measured masses resulted in an impressively low margin of error, which reflects the students' advanced practical abilities!”