Presentations as Assessment

At BMS, our assessments come in lots of different formats. One type that is particularly important is by planning and giving presentations - an important element of both MSA and IB assessment.

In this post, I am going to talk about 2 presentations that I have given during the past year or so.

MSA Presentation - Business Studies - Soundcloud

This presentation was for the MSA, the ‘Mittlerer Schulabschluss’, in which each student must create a presentation about a topic related to a subject in school, answering a research question they form at the start of the project. This is a requirement for receiving the MSA as it a key aspect in the final stages of the program.

During Grade 10, my partner and I made a presentation in the topic business studies; in this, our main focus was the company ‘Soundcloud’ an online music distribution platform based in Berlin. We focused on this company as they run purely on investment and (at the time of writing) had never managed to make a profit, or break-even. We wanted to find some possible explanations for these issues, using the knowledge that we have learnt from the business studies course.

The presentation itself is broken down into four main parts. It starts with an introduction to Soundcloud itself, then moves into their competition and what each of them do differently. After this, what one could call “introduction”, we talk about the problems that they have, which we also broke down into three parts. Finally, we come to the last part, which is us thinking of potential solutions for the problems we had investigated before.

IBDP English Lang & Lit SL FOA Presentation - Emojis

This presentation was for the IBDP ‘English Language and Literature’ course and is known as an FOA (short for further oral assessment). Students, in groups, present about a topic of their choice as long as it is related to language and culture. The FOA represents a large part of the English grade, as it counts for 15% of the final grade.

The topic for the presentation that my group and I made was "emojis" and how they have, over time, become more and more influential on the English language as well as on other cultures around the world.

The presentation itself was broken down into three main parts. It starts with a short history of emojis and what came before them. After discussing the history, we moved on to talk about the influence that emojis have had on the English language, in what ways the development of emojis has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis, and the overall impact emojis have had, and are still having. Finally, we finished it off by talking about the cultural aspect... How different cultures see emojis differently and how emojis are adapting to fit to cultural norms.