'Choose your own path' - IGCSE Expo

While chatting to a Grade 8 student yesterday evening about the merits of choosing IGCSE Drama or IGCSE Art and Design I noticed that she was wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan 'CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH'!

This couldn't have been more appropriate attire for an event where students were thinking deeply about choices for their Grade 9 and 10 studies, which will begin to lay out a path for them into the IB Diploma and beyond to great universities, further training and successful careers!

Students and parents chatted to teachers from all of the departments weighing up the benefits of different subjects.

Mr Mercer also gave a presentation outlining all of the aspects students should consider when making their choices, with QR codes linking to the online selection form and the Cambridge website.

If you didn't manage to access these links from your seat in the audience (!!), please find them all here.

The link to the online form is here.