Grade 8 Trip

Grade 8 all arrived safely after a nice, long coach ride!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

After an easy journey from Berlin yesterday, Grade 8 students and teachers arrived in Kampen (Netherlands) at around 3pm. Everyone appreciated a run in the park while Ms Doyle led the kitchen team on preparing Spaghetti Bolognese for 62! Today the group got sailing out from Kampen through Kettelmeer towards Lemmer where they will dock tonight. Everyone has been working hard, happily hoisting sails an coiling rope!

Wednesday, May 17 2017

After 8 hours of sailing yesterday, students and staff arrived in Lemmer harbor at 6pm.

A swim and run around on the beach was much needed, while the cooking teams visited the local shops to stock up for dinner!

The teams cooked up a storm, with an amazing menu of chicken curry, burgers, mac'n'cheese, soup and Würstchen mit Gemüse und Bratkartoffeln! Lots to choose from on the boats so the 3 skippers and 3 deckhands went to bed happy after a satisfying meal!

This morning we set sail at 9.30am across IJsselmeer, bound for Enkhuizen. IJsselmeer is a freshwater lake which used to be a section of ocean known as the 'South Sea' before it was dammed by the Afsluitdijk in 1932.

Under beautiful blue skies, we are making good progress (at 2.5 knots) while everyone keeps themselves busy sunbathing and defending against water balloon attacks from rival crews! The second cooking teams are planning a barbecue on the beach this evening for a great end to a lovely day!