Exam success!

Exam Results 2017

As we start the 2017/18 Academic year, the secondary school can take a moment to celebrate the excellent accomplishments of our students from the 2017 examination results. Across the board, our students were able to achieve incredible progress.


40 BMS students, comprised of both native and non-native German speakers, completed the MSA examinations, focusing on Mathematics, German, and English, with a personal presentation on a topic of their choice upon conclusion of the program. BMS students were able to achieve a perfect score with the English examinations (1,0), with Mathematics score achieving similar results, culminating in an average score of 2,0. MSA presentations continue to be a wonderful opportunity to explore topics of their own personal interest and the grades reflect that commitment, as this year´s average score was 1,8.


Our cohort of 38 IGCSE students should be commended for their outstanding efforts on the outcomes of over 300 examinations. Exceptional outcomes were observed in the amount of students achieving 5 or more A* to C passes, with 84.2% in 2017 achieving these results with a 20% increase from 2016. As a whole, 68% of students had 20% or more of their grades at an A* or A and 26% had 50% of their grades at an A* or A. A remarkable feat on the part of our dedicated students and an encouraging outcome for the start of the DP years. A special commendation is in order for Isabelle Sebode, who was able to achieve A* or A on all of her examinations! An outstanding outcome!


The graduating class of 2017 completed a series of comprehensive examinations and internal assessments, achieving on overall cohort point average of 32.2, slightly over the world average of 30 points. Achievements were observed across the board from our DP students, with particular success in 84.3% of our students achieving a grade 4 mark or higher in their HL and SL subjects. Equally impressive is the amount of students successfully completing a bilingual diploma, with 64.3% achieving this outcome. The highest score for this cohort was 42; a very impressive outcome out of the total possible points possible of 45. Impressive outcomes from the second BMS class in history to sit the DP examinations.

A job well done! Congratulations, Secondary students! Follow this link to see a detailed breakdown of the results: