BMS House Fair

BMS students came together to celebrate the Mission and Vision work of all houses recently for a BMS House Fair. The house members created activity stands and baked goods stations to fundraise for the house actions both globally and locally. Parents, students, and staff from across the school came out to support their house mission and enjoy community spirit. In addition, parents were able to see the house teams in action, culminating into a raffle for students, where games, books and other giveaways were awarded to the lucky winners by our school captain, Lino Riester.

As a whole, the House Fair allows community members to gain first-hand insight into the greater life of the school and get to know our student leadership. This year our house fair was able also able to offer our entire student body a fun and engaging event, including a bouncy castle for our Early Learning and Primary school students, as well as sumo wrestling, with full cushion gear, for our Secondary students!

As with any school event, student engagement is a critical part of providing a successful event for our community and this year our students should be applauded for the commitment and dedication. A big thank you to our students who worked tirelessly from start to finish, ensuring the house fair was a success! Curious about the mission, vision, and actions for each House? Read more here and find out what our house teams have set as goals for this academic year!