BMS House Competition Highlights

Our House competitions shortlybefore the Spring Break were a true showcase of student talent and engagement this year yet again. Throughout the course of March, our students tackled global issues in debates and public speaking competitions between the houses. Public speaking topics included the distribution of wealth, alcohol abuse, and bullying, with self-composed speeches from students in Grades 7-11. Although the team of judges had a very hard time choosing the winner, as the speeches were both thorough and engaging, students speaking on the timely topic of the redistribution of wealth across the globe were chosen as the standout speehes heard during tutor time and during assembly.

Debate topics were equally as engaging throughout the competitions, with topics ranging from the use of social media by world leaders, the use of nuclear weapons to maintain peace, and the ramification of the #metoo movement. Here again our Secondary students from Grade 7- Grade 11, were able to articulate their ideas and support their claims during a fierce debate of ideas. With their peers, students were able to not only show their passion for topics close to their heart, but were able to engage topics of importance and meaning for all members of society. Their professional engagement was inspiring!

Congratulations to our students and a job well done! Your engagement is an inspiration for our student body!