Grade 10 Barcelona Trip 2018

We hope you all had the chance to see some of the impressions of our trip on this blog. We had an amazing day yesterday- sun, waves and splashes all around - in the sea and in the pool (sometimes! even to the amusement and entertainment of other hotel guests).Unfortunately, our trip is now coming to an end. And although none of the students wanted to leave Calella, the beach or the pool, please do not worry, we are bringing everyone back. We have everyone on board the bus- health, happy but tired - waking up for many was just so much harder than usual.Our ETA is 14:15 and our flight number is VY1882 just in case you would like to track it. I assume your children know if they will be picked up. If there are no objections we would then let the kids leave from the airport by themselves.I will keep you updated in case of any changes.On behalf of the entire Grade 10 Camp team, I would like to thank you for your continuous support and trust. We hope the students all had an amazing time on their trip celebrating all their hard work and accomplishments.

We have experienced two wonderful and exciting days here in Barcelona, or rather Catalonia. Yesterday, the kids enjoyed the sun and the waves in the morning and late afternoon. In fact, they loved it so much that going to Barcelona did not sound as interesting anymore. That might also be because it also meant getting up earlier and having breakfast at 7:45! Anyway, after our beautiful train ride along the coast, with a perfect view of the Mediterranean the entire time, we arrived in Barcelona and immediately embarked on our bus tour of the city, which included the unique architecture, Olympic legacy, beautiful views and Catalan culture and traditions. After a stroll down Las Ramblas, the group split to see either Park Güell, Sagrada Familia or the Gothic Quarter which included the search for the best churros. The students were really great, and were still very positive in spite of the heat and some other issues. We ended the day with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. But again the beach/pool was calling. Instead of taking advantage of some extra free time in Barcelona after dinner, they all wanted to come back to the hotel as soon as possible even if it only meant 5 min in the pool before the hotel closes it.

We have an action-packed day at the beach planned again tomorrow beginning with banana boating, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Sunny Greetings from Calella

The Grade 10 Camp Team