Theatre Trip to London

Between the 12th and 15th September, a group of 16 IB Theatre and Literature students took a break from their formal studies and engaged in a different type of learning, by taking a field trip to London.

The students were accompanied by staff members; Hannah Bevis, Leigh-Anne Robinson and Eugene Collins. During the trip, the students attended a variety of performances and workshops. Central, was a visit to the Globe theatre. Students engaged in a tour, lecture and workshop at the Globe followed by an evening performance of Othello starring Mark Rylance. In addition, students attended a performance of Les Miserables and engaged in a workshop that explored how the choreography for the ensemble scenes was created.

The programme also included the theatre exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum and a poetry reading at Kings Cross. Students also had time to explore the theatre districts in the London’s west end. Students were very positive about experiencing the vibrancy, energy and color of the city through engaging with the tour.