Grade 7 Trip 2019

Monday, June 3

Students and staff are on their way to Schwangau in Bavaria. The journey is going smoothly with students having fun watching films and playing games.

16:30: We would like to inform you that the group passed Munich a couple of minutes ago and are now approximately 2 hours away from their final destination in Bavaria. We will be in touch again once students and staff have arrived in Schwangau.

19:00: Students and staff arrived safely in Schwangau, Bavaria.

Tuesday, June 4

Some impressions of today's hike to Neuschwanstein castle and other outdoor activities, like rock and tree climbing, rafting and swimming.

Wednesday, 5 June

First impressions of today's activities.

Castle walk and building rafts

Zip lining

Amazing weather, water and views!

Castle walk and building rafts group 4:


Thursday, 6 June

River bed climb

The Flying Fox

Mountain climbing