Grade 8 Trip 2019

Monday, June 3

We would like to inform you that the group is now near Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Estimated time of arrival is 17:30 hrs.

17:50: This is to let you know that Grade 8 students and teachers arrived safely in the Netherlands and are now settling into their cabins.

All three teams in "cooking action" last night - everybody was looking forward to the food!

Tuesday, June 4

Students and staff are in good spirits. The group will set sail shortly.

Students and staff had a great start to the day with students up, about and organized in really good time. After breakfast the group had their induction on the boat, and learned the parts of the boat, how to hoist the sails, how to avoid the beam, how to tie knots, and how to lower the swords. This was all put into good use when they sailed from Enkhuizen to Urk, including tacking into the harbour. Students have been been brilliant - getting all hands on deck when needed, help with buying food, cooking two good meals so far and generally being great company. Last night has been exciting with thunder and lightening.

Wednesday, 5 June

Another team working on their domestic skills

Who knew taking out the rubbish could be so much fun? :-)

Evening swim before heading back to the ship for the evening.

Thursday, 6 June

A proper day's sailing

Friday, 7 June

We would like to inform you that our Grade 8 students and teachers are on their way home. The estimated time of arrival is 18:00 hrs, depending on traffic. We will update you with further travel news.