Team building, Q&As (and dodgeball)

Today was the second full day of the new term, and our students in Grades 7-10 spent the afternoon working together and collaborating.

Grade 7 & 8

The Grade 7 and 8 tutor and teachers, were led by Ms. Hannah Bevis (Head of Grades 7 & 8) in team building activities which were designed to integrate the new students and to get the Grade 7s and 8s working together. Activities ranged from students having to complete an obstacle course to competing in a 'Berlin quiz'... and of course, ended with the traditional BMS Dodgeball competition.

...with some help from our staff

Grade 9

Grade 9 had their first introduction to the IGCSE programme, with a workshop led by Mr. Neil Mercer (IGCSE Coordinator). The students were given time to brainstorm and discuss what they thought they knew about the IGCSEs, what they were worried about and what questions they had. They had some time to present their ideas before finding out some of the answers to their questions and getting some advice from Mr. Mercer about how to be successful in Grades 9 & 10.

Grade 10

Ms. Robinson led the session for our Grade 10 students who have just entered their final year on the IGCSE programme. The session started with an opportunity for our Grade 10s to ask questions to a panel of students that had successfully taken their IGCSEs and who were enrolled in the Diploma Programme. Our panel was able to provide the benefit of their experience and knowledge, as well as providing tips and encouragement to our Grade 10s.