18th June –22nd June 2018

It is an expectation that all students go on our school trips, as we believe that this is an integral and important element of our educational program.


More importantly, our students come back from these trips having made some of their best memories during their time at BMS.


2018 Camps brochure

Trips behaviour policy

Grade 7 - Outdoor Adventure Trip to Salzburg

480 euros

Grade 8 - Sailing trip to Holland

390 Euros

Grade 9 - History trip to Rome

690 Euros

Grade 11 - CAS trip to Budapest

610 Euros

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Grade Level Trips 2018

On this page you will find information about this years' Secondary School trips. Our trips are a real highlight of the year, when students and teachers get to leave the classroom, the school and the country together and explore. We have designed our trips in order to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our students, and see them as some of the most important and significant weeks of the school year. The trips extend the learning that happens in school, build community, inspire the students and of course, are a great opportunity for the students to have fun with their friends!

This year, our school trips are as follows:

4th June – 8th June 2018

Grade 10 - Post-IGCSE trip to Barcelona

580 Euros

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After you have registered for the school trip(s) using the online form below, the school will invoice you. Payment will be take in 2 installments - in March and May.

How to register for this years' trips

Registration of your son/daughter(s) place on the school trips is done through an online 'Parental Consent Form' (see below) by Friday February 16th 


  • The form will need to be filled in separately for each child if you have more than one child going on Secondary School trips

  • Information regarding the intinerary, costs, names and emails of the relevant Trip Leaders, behaviour guidelines etc., can be found in the pdfs on this page