Water House aims to build a generous community that encourages proactive and ambitious engagement with the world and promotes an empathetic approach towards those less fortunate than us.

Head of House: Hannah Bevis
House Captain: Lilith Becker 
Vice Captains: Binderiya Ganbadraa, Lili Bruckmeier

House Charity / Organization:  Caritas


Link to charity: 




Rationale behind choice of charity:

Our aim is to help those less fortunate than us and we would like to focus on working with disabled children and the elderly. We believe that we have a lot to offer to enrich their lives and would like to contribute to their wellbeing and happiness


Current House / TG action: 

Water House captain Hannah Ruhl and Vice-Captain Emilia Chammas, are currently working on a “cookie gift” project where they bake cookies or muffins on request and hand them out to the people they are ordered for. This way they are raising money towards the charity we are working with. We are hoping to be able to go in and create Christmas cards with the children. With the cookie money we are hoping to be able to buy supplies needed for this action.


Upcoming actions: 

  • Fundraising

  • Making Christmas cards with disabled children

  • Singing Christmas carols to the elderly

  • Volunteering through our charity